Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Lismore Castle Colaborate Art in the Making 2012

the details:
Venue: Lismore Castle
Date: 6th March 2012

the colaboration:
Art in the making is striving here at CCAD and from looking at their blogsite [view here], NCAD are having as much fun as we are with the project. Moreover on the 6th of March 2012 for the first time CCAD and NCAD we will be joining forces for a huge Art in the Making Project.

the framework:
You will be organised in groups of 6-8 with students from both colleges, and work collaboratively within this group. The conceptual / contextual framework of the event is its site-specific nature. Ways of approaching this may be through the following categories 
  • Historical
  • Comparative
  • Formal
  • Symbolic
  • Relevant
  • Political
  • Poetic
  • Game
  • Gravitas
  • Tradition
  • Animate
  • Mythical
A list of basic materials and equipment to bring down which you may (or may not) use could include paper, pencil, charcoal, string, rope, bluetack, camera / video camera etc. Also please bring any other materials you may like to use.

Fom 3pm-4.30pm each group will present on some aspect of the day. These will be informal presentations and approx. 5 mins.

As there is no cafe on site, each person is asked to bring one dish based around ideas of a banquet / castle / medieval period etc. As a group we will create a 'banquet' from the dishes for lunch, which will also form part of the collaborative element of the day.

Please note the castle grounds are generally closed at this time of the year, but if the weather is nice they will be opened for us. A number of inside spaces have been allocated to us for that day.
travel information:
-The bus for Lismore will leave the Crawford at 9.30am SHARP.
-€1.50 Deposit is required
-Please leave your name with Eamonn Shanahan, Catherine Hehir or Margaret O' Brien if you would like to go - There are very few places remaining.

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