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'Space and Ladders' Launch of Art in the Making 2012/2013 @ Lismore Castle November 21st




About Art in the Making

Art in the Making has been running throughout many Irish art colleges over the past few years. It is a student led initiative. In Crawford groups of three students per week run a lunch time session of art in the making. These sessions can be anything the students want them to be whether it is collaborative making,  gorilla art, exhibition visit, documentary, critic, interventions, anything goes! The groups must produce a poster for their event each week and document the event. All information will be displayed on the Art in the Making blog for all to see. 

Art in the Making launch, Lismore, November 21st 2012

Last years Lismore Castle Art in the Making event was so successful that we have been invited back to have the launch there.

All students are welcome to attend the event.
There will be a bus leaving from the Crawford at 9am and returning at 7pm and will cost €2 per student. To book a place contact with your name and year and we will  get back to you.

The day will comprise of:

- Short presentations of work by recent graduates

- Group based discussion and planning (groups will be 6-8 people from different years and different art colleges)

-Group making which can take place in the gallery or in the gardens. This can be sculptural work, video, photography, sound, installation, painting, drawing it's up to the group. The three words you will be given to respond to and give you a starting point are Resistance, Systems and Mobility.

-Set up work for exhibition in the gallery

-Group presentations, but with a difference! Each group will present another groups work as if it is their own. Afterwards the group who made the work can discuss the piece and what it's really about.

-Banquet, each student is asked to bring a dish inspired by the word Medieval. Last year the banquet was the highlight of the day, and the Grand Pugin dining hall has been opened for us again. Students brought home made baked goods, salads, medieval breads, cheeses, condiments, casseroles. It is important to remember that there are no cooking/reheating facilities on site and the dish must be transportable on the bus.

-Music, any student musicians are welcome to participate in the musical entertainment for the evening, if you wish to perform please let us know via email.....the more the merrier. Or if you decide you want to sing a song on the spur of the moment you're welcome to do that too!

-Exhibition Launch, The work from the day will be displayed in Lismore Castle Arts Gallery as an exhibition entitles 'Space and Ladders' . There will be an official launch with drinks, opening speaker and maybe more music??

-This is a pop up exhibition so before you leave you must take down the work and dispose of or return items to where you found them.

Students should bring a packed lunch to have mid day while working as there is no cafe on the castle grounds. There are some cafes in Lismore town but many close for the winter months.

Recent graduates will be on hand to assist the groups with the formation of ideas, making and presentation.

Things to bring

-Art Materials
-Different papers
-Pens, pencils, paints
-Cameras/card readers/laptop/speakers
-Tape/glue/needle and thread
-Fabrics, various surfaces
-Hammer and nails
Anything you think someone might use or you could use on the day!

Timetable for the day

11:00- Arrival and groups formed
11:20-  Introduction to the project, the schedule for the day, the words chosen (Resistance, Systems & Mobility) and intro to graduates who will set up and talk about their work.
11:30- Graduates discuss their work for 5/10 minutes each. After talks Q&A for 10 minutes
12:00- The group facilitators will tease out with the groups what connections they see between an element of the work discussed and an element of one of the chosen words. All connections will be noted.
12:20- Over lunch: groups get a tea or coffee & packed lunch and discuss how the connections they have made in response to the work and words will be made into an artwork.
13:00-16:30- Make the work and display in gallery
16:30-17.30- Presentations of work
17:30-18:00 Banquette, Exhibition opening and Art in the Making launched by Trish Brennan with music
18:30: Clean up and clear out
19:00: Home Time! Drop off at CCAD

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